A Death has Occurred

If you require immediate assistance upon suffering the loss of a loved one, please call the Funeral Home at 412.655.4501 to speak to us right away. Our funeral directors are available 24/7 to serve you, answer any questions you may have and set up an appointment for a personal, one-on-one meeting to take place at your convenience.

Please note: If you call after hours and reach the answering service, explain your situation and they will contact our funeral directors immediately.


What to Bring…

The death of a loved one is an often confusing time. Our dedicated staff of funeral directors and at-need counselors are on hand to meet with you in person, talk over the phone or answer even the simplest question. No question is too big or too small, all you need to do is ask. We have a list of general FAQ, but below you will find some basic questions and answers to help start your arrangements process.

There are many funeral and burial options available for you to choose from. Even the most basic decisions can be hard to make when you are in mourning. Talking with our funeral directors will help you make the best decision possible for your family. You want comfort and peace of mind knowing that your loved one is being respectfully taken care of, and we at Jefferson Memorial are honored that you have trusted us to serve you in this time of need.

The Next Step

Our funeral directors will help you set up an appointment to go over arrangements for all funeral and/or cemetery services. It is very hard to make decisions during a time of emotional stress. Therefore, we have compiled a list of essential items you will want to bring with you to the Funeral Home.

Life Insurance Policies 

If you choose to assign a life insurance policy to pay for funeral arrangements, please bring the paperwork tothe funeral home showing the company, policy number, and beneficiaries. Our staff can help you complete and file the insurance documentation needed to pay for funeral services.

Military Discharge Papers 

Honorably discharged service men and women, as well as their spouses, may be entitled to certain benefits. Please bring the Form DD214 military discharge document belonging to the Deceased (or the Deceased’s spouse) to the funeral home so that we may help you establish eligibility.

Vital Statistics 

Many legal documents such as Death Certificates and some life insurance claims require the Deceased’s vital statistics. The most common requirements are: Address, Social Security Number, Date and place of birth, Parents’ names (including Mother’s Maiden Name), Names and addresses for all surviving children. 


Many families find it beneficial to complete an obituary prior to the arrangement conference so that they can craft a personalized obituary that pays special tribute to their loved one. 




You may bring some photos graphs of the Deceased to the funeral home when you meet with your Funeral Director. Some photographs are used as reference for hair and make-up styles, while others may be used for obituaries and newspaper notices, or to make a tribute video for play during viewing services. We are able todigitally scan your photographs and return to you immediately.


For families making at-need funeral arrangements, we ask that you please bring the Deceased’s clothing with you to the funeral home. The Deceased will be dressed in his/her clothing for Visitation and Burial or Cremation. Bring whatever you may be comfortable with – a formal suit or dress, a favorite sports jersey, or a comfy pair of pajamas – it can be whatever you choose. We ask that you please bring everything he/she would normally wear, including undergarments, socks, shoes, eyeglasses, etc.

Personal Belongings and Memories 

It is an honor to serve you and your family in creating a personalized service. We ask that you share with us your memories of the Deceased so that we may tell his/her story and create a tribute as unique as he/she was. This is especially important when selecting a Life Tribute service (link to Life Tribute section). Perhaps personal belongings may help you tell his/her story. A hand-crafted afghan blanket, a bowling ball, a fishing rod, a motorcycle helmet, a ticket stub keepsake from a Broadway show – we encourage your creativity in bringing special items to help personalize the services to fit your loved one.