Burial Options

At Jefferson, we have 45 gardens open for traditional ground burial graves with differing landscapes, artwork and features. These gardens can accommodate both single and double depth burial.


Each single depth grave space has the option for one casketed burial plus one cremation or infant burial on top. Alternatively, single depth can include two cremations. All single depth graves are sold with one burial right. When a second burial right is added (a cremation on top or infant burial) a second right’s burial fee is incurred.



For double depth burials we have 4 lawn crypt sections to choose from. Lawn crypts refer to a traditional single grave space with a double depth outer burial container, ideal for loved ones who do not wish to be parted, even in their final resting place. Lawn crypts are also a very cost effective burial option as you are using one space and one burial vault instead of two separate spaces and two separate burial vaults.



An outer burial container, more commonly referred to as a burial vault, is required for each ground interment. The original purpose of a burial vault was to prevent the weight of earth from crushing down onto the casket. You may have seen old cemeteries where the surface of the graves has sunk because there was not a burial vault to prevent it. Burial Vaults usually cost between $920 and $1,770. If you so choose, a purchaser may spend up to $17,000 for a solid copper vault.

The Pyramids of Egypt, the tomb of Christ and the Tajh Mahal are all Mausoleums. Many people prefer above ground entombment rather than ground burial. At Jefferson, we have 3 types of mausoleum crypts available to choose from


INDOOR | $6,000 - $15,200 per pair

Indoor mausoleum crypts are placed inside of mausoleum buildings throughout the cemetery. Depending on the size and location of the mausoleum crypt, a second right’s fee may be applied to add additional cremations to the space to ensure that family and loved ones are always kept together.


GARDEN | $4,250 - $10,875 per pair

Garden mausoleums, or outdoor mausoleums, are spread throughout the cemetery’s 45 garden section and range in size, theme, and material like granite or bronzes. Our most notable Garden Mausoleums include the Thomas Jefferson Garden Mausoleum with a full sized replica of our founding father, and our newest mausoleum the Garden of Freedom featuring a replica of the Statue of Liberty.


PRIVATE | $37,997 - two crypt  |  $2,582,556 - twelve crypt

Private Mausoleums are individual family estates that can be either outdoor crypts or larger walk in buildings. These structures vary from $37,997 for a two crypt Nahan building model to $2,582,556 for a twelve crypt, Nottolini private building model with walk in design and rainbow granite. Private Mausoleums go back centuries and are the most notable features of some of the most historic cemeteries across the world.

Something to remember when considering a mausoleum crypt to other forms of interment is that purchasing a crypt is the equivalent to purchasing a grave, burial vault and bronze memorial. Mausoleum crypts vary by type and costs vary further by height from the floor and/or arrangements chosen.

We truly believe a cremation should be treated like a traditional burial with a viewing or service giving the family a chance to mourn and say goodbye to the loved one who has passed on. Having a final resting place to visit and remember your loved one is called Memorialization. Cremated remains, referred to as cremains, may be memorialized in the ground or placed in a niche or columbarium. Cremains are returned in a non-decorative plastic or tin container. As such, it is very common for family to place cremated remains in a decorative urn before interment or burial which we can provide if you would like to purchase a memorial urn.
Generally niche units and ground space are designed to hold two cremations. However some large niches will accommodate up to four cremations.